Client:Keith Van Horne, Chicago Bears
Date:May 14, 2014

Keith Van Horne, Chicago Bears

Mr. Van Horne was an All-American first-round draft pick in the 1981 draft for the Chicago Bears. He stayed with the team until 1993, helping them win Super Bowl XX.  Starting in 17 of the 186 games he played.

Mr. Van Horne has had spinal fusion surgery, has atrial fibrillation and has had two cardiac ablations to address the heart condition. He experiences dizzy spells, severe headaches and a pulse-pounding heartbeat, but after seeing 13 different doctors, and a trip to the Mayo Clinic, no diagnosis has been made.

Keith Van Horne (Super Bowl Champion, 13 Year NFL Starter): “I was never told by the NFL that an x-ray revealed I had a broken leg. Instead they let me play on it for years while they gave me endless painkillers and anti-inflammatories. I discovered the break several years later while  being x-rayed for another injury. Now I live in daily and severe pain”.  Keith also reports that he saw an outside doctor for a foot treatment. He prescribed Percodan, a controlled dangerous substance, for use as needed. Shortly thereafter, Keith was called into the Head Trainers office and lambasted because “the team got a letter from the DEA asking why I needed more narcotics. I said more narcotics, I only have one script. Then I was told that the Bears ordered painkillers under my name at the beginning of the season, without telling me. I guess they just stockpiled the stuff”.